Teaching Your Kid To Be A Life-Long Learner

Is Your Child Struggling Academically Because Of Their Social Group? A Small Boarding School May Be The Answer

If your child has had a hard time making friends at their public school, and the friends that they do have aren't focused academically or kind, it may be time to explore other education options. A small boarding school should be a consideration. There are a lot of different features of a small boarding school that may benefit your child academically, socially, and with extracurricular activities. Here are some of the things to consider when you are debating if the money and commute is worth the investment for a boarding school: Read More 

Tips For Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten

Kindergarten forms the foundation for a child's education, and in this day and age, kindergartners are expected to learn more than ever. Starting kindergarten is a big milestone for both children and parents, and the transition can be made easier if a child is prepared for kindergarten. Being prepared for kindergarten involves a lot more than just academic issues, such as knowing the alphabet or counting. A new kindergartner needs to understand how to navigate being at school on his or her own, with minimal help. Read More 

Beyond Academics: What Else Will Your Child Learn at Preschool?

Preschool helps young children learn early literacy skills, basic math concepts, and even some simple science. Right? Of course. But that's not all. When you send your little learner off to Pre-K, she's developing skills that will prepare her for kindergarten. Even though she'll need some academic knowledge, she will also need to develop in other areas. Check out what not-so-academic ways an early-childhood education can do to get your child ready for kindergarten. Read More 

Increase Your Child’s Chances Of Getting Into Private School

Every year, private schools open up their admissions and allow a select number of children to enroll in their educational programs. For some families, this process is time consuming and frustrating as parents and children wait to see if they are accepted or not. One in ten American students attend a private school, according to the U. S. Department of Education. If you are looking to get your child into a private school, you want to do more than just fill out an application and cross your fingers that your child gets accepted. Read More 

4 Signs Your Child Could Benefit From A Tutor

Nearly every child has some point during their education in which they face challenges at school. Very rare are the children who fly through each grade with excellent scores and little difficulty. If your child is currently dealing with academic difficulties, they aren't alone. The good news is there are steps you can take to help your child through this difficult time. One of the most effective strategies may be tutoring. Read More 

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Teaching Your Kid To Be A Life-Long Learner

When my child started school, I could tell that she was naturally adverse to working hard in class. She didn't seem interested, and she was always asking how long she would have to be in school before she could quit. I realized that I needed to do my part to teach her to love learning, so I talked with her about the importance of attending school and working hard. It was hard for her to understand the issues with dropping out at first, but eventually she grew to love her studies. This blog is all about teaching your child to be a life-long learner.