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3 Things To Look For In A Christian Preschool

If you have a young child who is nearly old enough to attend preschool, you may be starting to consider what aspects of their education are most important to you. For example, in addition to more practical concerns such as location and tuition, you may also prioritize the religious values and philosophy espoused by a school. If you are considering enrolling your child in a Christian preschool in your area, then there are several things you will want to keep in mind as you search. Take a look at just three important ones below.

Teachers as Christian Role Models

No matter their religious affiliation, all preschools should employ teachers who are professional, licensed educators with the knowledge and experience necessary to perform their job at a high level. At Christian preschools, however, teachers should be expected to fill an even bigger role as well — that of a Christian role model. When comparing preschools your child may attend, it is a good idea to talk to teachers and administrators about how they model Christian behavior and teachings in the classroom. Having Christian role models in an academic setting — and not just at home and church — is invaluable for young children. 

Discipline and Biblical Lessons

Another key part of any preschool's philosophy is its approach to discipline. At a Christian preschool, discipline should never be purely punitive. Instead, punishment should serve as an opportunity to teach lessons from a Biblical perspective. Drawing parallels to Bible stories is just one way of doing this that allows even the youngest of children to learn from their mistakes and confront future choices with a Christian mindset. When visiting a prospective preschool, don't forget to discuss disciplinary policy with teachers and staff so that you know you and the school are on the same page.

A Sense of Community

All churches, whether big or small, serve as tight-knit communities for their members as well vital parts of the larger community. A Christian preschool should function in the same way, supporting students through individualized instruction while also nurturing them as they grow in their faith. The best preschool programs also ensure that parents are surrounded by like-minded people who value Christian education. If you find a preschool that actively seeks to align itself with a truly Christian sense of community, then it is almost certainly one that your child will benefit from attending.  

For more information, visit a Christian preschool in your area. 

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