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How To Help Your Child Transition To Private School

Private schools offer unique educational and social benefits that children can't get from other schools. Even though switching schools may be better for your child in the long run, it can still cause short-term emotional upheaval. Taking an active role in the transition process can help your child acclimate to their new school more quickly. Here are four tips that will allow you to help your child transition seamlessly to their new private school:

1. Take your child's feelings of loss seriously

You're sending your child to a private school in order to give them the best education money can buy. If your child is less than excited about their new school initially, you may be tempted to take their lack of enthusiasm personally. Instead, try to see things from your child's point of view. They may be missing their old friends and school campus. Children thrive on routine, and change can be difficult. Take your child's feelings seriously, but encourage them to find things to love about their new school.

2. Evaluate your child's homework routine

Private schools are usually more rigorous than their public school counterparts. Even within the same grade, private schools often teach more advanced material in order to prepare students for college. New students may initially struggle under the new workload. You may need to evaluate your child's homework routine and help them make adjustments. If your child is used to breezing through their homework while watching television, you may need to institute new rules. Barring your child from social media and TV until after they complete their homework can help them catch up academically, which will reduce their stress levels overall.

3. Help your child see the benefits of their new school

Private schools offer wonderful new opportunities. Your child may need a little help seeing all the benefits of their new school. Talk to your child about the reason you chose this school for them. Discuss the academic benefits, particularly the way private schools can help them get into the college of their choice in the future. Kids are often smarter than people give them credit for; many kids will respond well to an adult conversation about the advantages of private school.

4. Encourage your child to take part in student life

School is about more than just academics. Clubs, sports, and friendships are all part of student life. Encourage your child to get involved in the social aspects of their new school. Making friends and participating in activities can help your child acclimate to private school more quickly.

For answers to any of your questions, reach out to local private schools.

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