Teaching Your Kid To Be A Life-Long Learner

Beyond Academics: What Else Will Your Child Learn at Preschool?

Preschool helps young children learn early literacy skills, basic math concepts, and even some simple science. Right? Of course. But that's not all. When you send your little learner off to Pre-K, she's developing skills that will prepare her for kindergarten. Even though she'll need some academic knowledge, she will also need to develop in other areas. Check out what not-so-academic ways an early-childhood education can do to get your child ready for kindergarten. Read More 

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Teaching Your Kid To Be A Life-Long Learner

When my child started school, I could tell that she was naturally adverse to working hard in class. She didn't seem interested, and she was always asking how long she would have to be in school before she could quit. I realized that I needed to do my part to teach her to love learning, so I talked with her about the importance of attending school and working hard. It was hard for her to understand the issues with dropping out at first, but eventually she grew to love her studies. This blog is all about teaching your child to be a life-long learner.