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Is Your Child Struggling Academically Because Of Their Social Group? A Small Boarding School May Be The Answer

If your child has had a hard time making friends at their public school, and the friends that they do have aren't focused academically or kind, it may be time to explore other education options. A small boarding school should be a consideration.

There are a lot of different features of a small boarding school that may benefit your child academically, socially, and with extracurricular activities. Here are some of the things to consider when you are debating if the money and commute is worth the investment for a boarding school:

Fresh Start

Getting a fresh start in a place where your child doesn't have a reputation of being unpopular and isn't around the same children they have grown up with, can be great. They will get to go to the school with the opportunity to make new friends, have new experiences, and not have any reputation following them. This is a great way for them to develop a new social circle.

Small Class Sizes

Small classes can be great for a variety of reasons. The teachers are able to work more closely with the students for a better opportunity for learning, This also allows them to get familiar with some of the same students, and to develop more relationships with the students they are learning with. This prevents your student from becoming just another number.

Unity and Tradition

The smaller boarding schools will base their education programs on the highest academic standards, but will also implement high values, unity, and traditions. They are trying to prep the students to be great members of society and to uphold the values that the school has been teaching for decades. Religion may even be included if you choose a school that has a religious affiliation. Going to school with students who practice these things may be just what your child needs.

A small boarding school will give your student a new chance to excel both academically and socially, and may be what you need to change the direction their academic and social life is headed. Talk with an entrance administrator about the cost of tuition, the requirements for the school day, and when the entrance exams are to see if your child can get in. They will have to study and prepare, and you will have to be ready to make the commitment, if you are ready to move forward with the transfer.

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