Teaching Your Kid To Be A Life-Long Learner

Words Of Wisdom To Give Your Child When You Drop Him/Her Off At Private School

Many parents get teary-eyed when their child goes off to school, but this moment can be even more of a challenge when you drop your child off at a residential private school somewhere else in the state or even beyond. You have to remember that even though there might be a little homesickness (on both sides), your child will be getting an outstanding education that can catapult him or her to the right college and even lead to success in the working world several years from now. It can be easy to attempt to dispense line after line of wisdom as you're about to leave your child, but it's best to keep things simple and stick with some messages that he or she will remember. Here are some ideas.

"Expose Yourself To As Many Things As You Can"

Your child will be exposed to a wide range of extracurricular activities taught by trained and enthusiastic staff members – and the best thing to do is get exposed to everything. Make sure your child knows that trying as many things as possible, provided that they don't interfere with his or her studies, can enrich life in a multitude of ways. Children at private school shouldn't stay within their comfort zone; this means trying various art programs, giving drama a shot, jumping into a new sport with both feet and more. Taking this attitude to new things will greatly enrich your child's experience.

"Eat A Balanced Diet"

It's common sense that most parents want their children to eat a healthy diet, but you need to impress upon your child the importance of eating healthy. Away from a parent's prying eyes, it's easy for a child to enjoy a variety of healthy snacks. However, he or she should make sure to consume a healthy diet in the school's cafeteria. Remind your child about eating healthy; consistently eating things high in fat and sugar can make your child overweight, lethargic and even increase the risk of depression. It's OK to have snacks from time to time, but your child should know that the regular consumption of vegetables is key to overall health.

"Learn From Those From Different Backgrounds"

At private school, students will often get a chance to spend their days with those from other cities, states and even countries. It's important that your child knows that he or she can enrich this experience by making friends with those from different backgrounds, rather than just hanging around those who are similar. This approach gives your child the chance to understand and appreciate different cultures, which can deepen the learning experience inside and outside the classroom walls. Contact a school like International School of MN for more information.

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Teaching Your Kid To Be A Life-Long Learner

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